fucking a tattooed man

Brent Biscayne is a sexy, hairy man who stands in at 6'6'. And this 22-year-old man and his 8.5 inch dick are in need of some relief. So what's he doing on Men Over 30 if he's only 22 years old? Tattooed stud Eddie Kordova would be the man over 30 and he's very interested in taking care of Brent's cock.

This is Brent's first time on Men Over 30, but Eddie made a hot video back in February where he fucked a sexy, bald and bearded man. This time around though, Eddie will be getting his ass boned.

This scene opens with Brent who has his hand down his jeans while watching porn. A naked Eddie comes out of the bathroom and catches Brent griping his cock. Eddie starts stroking his dick and Brent invites him to come closer. Brent swallows Eddie's big cock and gives him some wet head, and this gives us a chance to take in Eddie's hot body and his considerable ink. Then Eddie finds himself between Brent's legs and the hairy guy lies back and watches as Eddie swallows his cock right down to the balls.

When Eddie gets down on all fours and offers up his ass, Brent hops up and slides his hard cock deep inside this tattooed guy's ass. Brent bones his tattooed buddy in a number of different positions, including a ride 'em cowboy scene that was my favourite. And then, the two guys unload all over Eddie's belly.

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