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Growing up, Lane had really strict parents. He had curfews and his parents were particularly about who he could invite home; and girls weren't allowed. When he decided to go to college, he picked an out-of-state school to give himself a bit more freedom. Now, he's making up for lost time and he dates several girls at the same time. He's also discovered that he doesn't mind fucking around with guys either - I'll bet his parents are regretting corralling him so much.

Jarek is naturally lean and he works out about six days a week. He's also got a superb cock - big and meaty. He used to get a lot of looks him the lockerroom showers. He did his first jerk-off session for Sean Cody a few weeks ago, and now he's fucking his first guy.

Jarek wastes no time in showing Lane who's in charge. Jarek mounts Lane and force feeds his huge cock down Lane's throat. And for a guy who wasn't allowed to express himself, Lane sure is showing us now how eager he was for Jarek's big cock. Jarek bends Lane over and fucks his ass good. And I just loved watching Jarek's furry ass pumping hard into Lane's butt. Lane gets his last few minutes of pounding on his back with his legs in the air and Jarek is fucking him so hard that this blond stud creams his belly.

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