Sucking Black Cock

Scott and Feliz are are hanging out, snuggling on a love seat and getting know one another in this Extra Big Dicks sequence. Scott reaches inside Feliz's jeans and gives his stiffening cock a tug. When the guys strip off their clothes, Scott is wearing a shocking pink-coloured pair of underwear, and they're hugging his bulge nicely. Scott starts to suck Feliz's uncut cock and ends up with a face full of ass. Feliz moans in ecstasy as Scott mows down on his hole. But these guys aren't going there just yet. Scott lies back enjoys a long, slow blowjob as Feliz swallows all 8 inches of Scott's thick cock. When Scott starts thinking about a tighter hole, he bends Feliz over and gives him 8 inches of big, black cock. Feliz loves it and after a while decides he wants a little more control, so he mounts Scott and rides his big dick. They fuck for a long time and move through a suite of positions, but finally, Scott has fucked the cum right out of Feliz and the horny stud creams all over his abs. Scott pulls out his throbbing cock and sprays all over Feliz.

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