Fucking Bald Man

Hot bald man Drake Jayden had no idea what was in store for him when Men Over 30 matched him up with hot, power top Brenn Weisman. Brenn definitely separates the men from the boys. He's got a fat 8-inch cock, and let's just say that getting your ass pounded by Brenn is ... uh ... challenging. Brenn walks in on Drake, who is discovering how good a Fleshjack feels on his cock. "You like your new toy?" Brenn asks. Before Drake has a chance to answer, Brenn barks, "I'm gonna make you my bitch today." Before he knows it Drake is down on the floor and Brenn is ripping the clothes off him. Brenn goes down on Drake and starts sucking his cock. Then Brenn bends Drake over and works over his ass with both tongue and fingers. But Brenn isn't ready to fuck ass yet, so he mounts Drake's face and delivers his hard 8 inches down this cocksucker's throat. After getting his meat adequately serviced, he turns his attention to Drake's ass. Like I said, Drake finds Brenn's cock challenging at first, but by the end of this scene, Drake will be bouncing on Brenn's dick like he's the pony ride at the grocery store.

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