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Kevin Cavalli is a straight, tattooed, New Yorker who likes to play with guys every now and again. He very much prefers girls, but as he says, "Sex is sex." And lets face it, chicks don't have dicks - well most of them anyway - so when a guy gets a hankering for a little cock, he's got to pony up and get naked with a dude. "Little cock" isn't really the right phrase, this nothing "little" about this video episode. This week on Extra Big Dicks, Kevin is paired up with another straight guy named Beau Kennedy. Beau is also making his first appearance ever in a porn video. And Beau has a huge, 9.5-inch long cock.

Look at these two straight guys sitting side by side on the couch and look at Kevin checking out Beau's monster cock. Kevin is fairly well hung himself, but you can see on his face that he'd kill to have a 9.5-inch cock like Beau's. He so envious of it that he gets down on his knees and hungrily slobbers all over it. Beau takes his turn sucking Kevin's fat dick and this is the first time Beau's ever given a blowjob before.

Kevin is eager to feel that niner poking his ass, so he bends over and offers his butt hole to this oversized dude. Beau starts inching his huge cock into Kevin's ass, but as soon as Kevin has caught his breath, he's bucking back and meeting Beau's thrusts. Eventually Beau just holds still and lets Kevin pound his huge fuck stick. Kevin sits back on Beau's dick and lets it go balls deep into his ass.

These two studs get pretty horned up and Beau can't hold back any more, so they sit back on the couch and jerk off together. Beau's cum load is magnificent - thick, sticky, and lots of it oozing all over his hand. Head over to Men Over 30 and watch the free preview video.

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