Fuck Faces

Dennis says that he's straight from the head up. That would explain why he's willing to get boned by another guy on camera, well that, and a few bucks. Dennis has actually been fucked before, both on Sean Cody and in real life. In his original interview he told Sean Cody that his girlfriend stapped on an 8-inch cock and fucked his ass once. "It hurt at first, but then it felt really good."

Jake is a good-looking, dark-haired guy and he's in awesome shape. He's also got a mighty big, uncut cock that he's going to use on Dennis's ass. Now, Dennis did say that taking a bone felt good, but Jake would fall into the "biggest I ever took" category. And you'll see by those fuck faces in the photos that Dennis is feeling every inch. He takes it down on all fours and he squat fucks it, and then, he throws his hairy legs in the air and gets boned hard until Jake finally covers him in a vigorous load of cum. It's hot, and you gotta love those fuck faces! Dude, it's only 9 inches.

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