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Marcus and JonnyT had been out drinking and partying the night before, but unfortunately neither of them got laid. The next afternoon they were lounging around talking about the blast they had. But they moaned about the lack of action. But the guys on Next Door Buddies are much more open minded than your average straight guy. Around here a mouth is a mouth, and an ass is an ass. So they decide to help one another out. Marcus has a beautiful long and thick uncut cock. It hangs heavily between his legs, but it ain't hanging for long. JonnyT gets to work on his buddy's big cock and Marcus gives JonnyT some lip action too. Then JonnyT offers up his ass for some hot anal action. With Marcus pounding JonnyT's hole with his baseball-sized cock, it's not long before he's hitting the good spots and JonnyT is spilling his load all over his belly.

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