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Taylor Aims finds his buddy Jeremy Bilding taking a nap in the living room. Taylor likes both guys and girls, so he stands and looks at his buddy's lean and muscular nude body. Jeremy has a sheet draped across his crotch, but for the moment, Taylor is content to stare at Jeremy's chiseled chest. Taylor sits down in an armchair and starts stroking his cock. Jeremy wakes up and realizes he's being watched. He knows that from time to time Taylor gets hungry for cock, so Jeremy moves over to Taylor and offers his buddy some cock. With stiff dicks these two horny studs start swapping blowjobs. First Taylor is down on his knees, and then, Jeremy gives his buddy some lip service. Jeremy bends Taylor over a coffee table and slides his rock hard cock into his pal's tight ass. He gives him a good pounding that gets Taylor so turned on that he shoots a massive load all over the glass-top coffee table. And then, Jeremy explodes all over Taylor's ass. Next Door Buddies always gives us hot guy-on-guy sex videos, and Taylor's explosive cumshot is really a must-see.

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