It's not very often we get to see Francois Sagat fucking another guy. He's usually on his knees slurping a big cock or taking a bone up the ass. But variety is a good thing, and Sagat does have such a beautiful cock -- it's nice to see him putting it to good use. In this scene he's paired up with Kyle Lewis who eagerly sucks François Sagat's thick, uncut cock. Lewis's hands follow every curve of the Frenchman's hairy, muscled chest. Sagat hoists Lewis's legs over his head and starts pushing his banana-curved cock up the muscle boy's butt. Sagat leans over him and kissing him deeply while his ass gets used to Sagat's big bone. There are a lot of kissing pictures in this photo set, so if you're into watching men in a passionate embrace, you're going to love this one. Eventually Lewis straddles the sofa on all fours and Sagat fucks his ass hard. And then for the grand finale, Lewis pushing Sagat back on the sofa, hoists his legs, and fucks the Frenchman's beefy ass. Now there's the Sagat we all know and love!

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