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After an early-morning jog, Jeremy and Patrick stripped naked and cooled off in the pool. The water was refreshing, but a little on the cool side; so the guys snuggled up together to keep warm. With his strong legs wrapped around Jeremy's waste, Patrick suggested they head inside to heat things up. Jeremy is mostly straight, but he's been exploring sex with guys. And he's in for a good time with Patrick. This gymnastic stud is all gay and knows how to make a man's cock hard. After some making out on the bed, Patrick slobbers all over Jeremy's big cock. Jeremy's balls are big and heavy, and aching to spew a load up Patrick's ass. Jeremy hoists Patrick's legs in the air and slides his dick inside. He gives the hot, muscled guy a hard pounding. And Patrick loves it so much that he cum four times! Yes, four times! You're going to love this Next Door Buddies movie, and both of these guys have several other appearances on the site, so get ready for a hot time!

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