Forced to Suck Cock

Taj Waters thinks that he's home alone, but Next Door Buddies always know how to spice things up. Taj is relaxing on the coach and throws a porno into the DVD player. He figures he watch some chicks getting banged and pull on his cock for a while. He's got a nice big cock - thick and meaty - and he's got it tightly gripped in his hand. But Taj doesn't realize that his room mate, Brandon, is home. Brandon creeps down the hallway, cracks open the door, and grabs his own cock while watching his room mate pumping away. Eventually Taj hears the door creak and turns to see his roommate standing in the doorway, dick in hand. Taj orders his room mate into the living room and then forces him to his knees and begins filling his mouth full of dick. Taj grabs Brandon by the hair and plunges his mouth up and down on his stiff dick. And even when Brandon gags, Taj doesn't relent. He's going to make his room mate pay for catching him in the act. He uses Brandon's mouth and forces him to suck his cock for a long time, and when Taj's dick is good and stiff, he bends his buddy over and brutalizes his fuck hole. In a frenzy of positions, Taj pounds Brandon's ass until the guys have to let their loads loose. By the end of it, Taj is completely covered in spunk!

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