Foot Licking and Toe Fucking Foot Licking and Toe Fucking

With over 30 appearances on William Higgings, Lukas Pribyl is one of the more popular guys and the site and he's back for another hot duo with handsome stud Milos Zambo, who has racked up over 15 appearances of his own. Lukas is 19 and Milos is just 18 and they're both sporting 7-inch uncut dicks. And they're getting into some dirty foot play and since I have a foot fetish, this new video gets me pretty revved up.

The guys are facing each other lying on the bed, Milos is rubbing Lukas' underwear bulge with his feet. Lukas slides his bare feet up and down Milos' hairy legs. Milos proves how adept he is with his feet when he pulls Lukas' underwear off with his toes. They continue massaging each other's hard-ons with their bare feet. The Lukas holds Milos' feet close together and fucks the crevice between the soles of Milos' feet.

The guys get into some foot licking, jacking their uncut dicks while sucking each other's toes. When Milos gets down on all fours and presents his horny butt hole, Lukas slides his big toe inside and toe fucks his buddy. With Milos begging for more, Lucas climbs on top and stuffs his hard dick inside and fucks his buddy doggy style. They continue fucking with Milos on his back and he unloads his balls all over himself and then Lukas spunks all over Milos' bare foot. But it's not over yet, Milos rubs his cum-covered foot all over Lukas' chest and Lukas licks the cum off Milos' toes. What a horny scene! These two Czech boys sure now how to drive a guy crazy.

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