Curved Cock

Can a cock ever be just a little too much? Alexander here has quite the curved cock. At first glance, it looks like nature's perfection for a hungry cocksucker: Just sit on the floor and have Alexander drop his curved cock into your mouth. But fucking would be a different story. Alexander claims that women like his cock because it hits their G-spot just right. I once tried to fuck a cock like that and it was an interesting experience. Funny, when faced with this curved cock, my mind raced to find a position that would accommodate this guy's downward bend into my ass. We sure did get a workout manoeuvring into various positions and his cock hit spots I didn't even know I had. Alexander here is showing off his curved cock over at Sean Cody where he's jerking off in a weight room. So if you want to see how a curved cock cums, head over and watch.

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