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I must be slipping because I sure don't remember seeing Darius Cobra on Extra Big Dicks a couple of weeks ago. When I checked in with the big dick gay porn site this morning and saw Darius, I was all eyes. As I read that he first appeared on the site a couple of weeks ago, I thought, "WTF! How'd I miss that?" I never overlook a hairy, bald man. And when he's packing a 9-inch uncut cock named "Cobra," I definitely noticing. He's joined by Ronald Casis, who has also appeared on the site before. And while he's not a towering 6'3" like Darius, he's got a thick 8-inch fuck stick he likes to shake around. I was hoping to see one of these straight studs going down on the other, but this time around, we'll have to be content with a duo jack off session. Although these two guys were getting a little comfortable, not like most straight guys who like to keep their distance. For the grand finale, these two straight studs mingle their legs so their balls to balls. And I guess this got them more than a little excited because both of these guys sent out two impressive flying cumshots. I'm not sure whose was bigger or more vigorous, I'll have to watch the slow-mo replay a few more times.

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