What a nice cumshot. Judging by those gobs of cum all over the bedspread, Samuel here must have shot a really nice load. I've seen his video clip and I can tell you it was an amazing shot. But we've got a lot to discuss before we get there. As he strips out of his surfer shorts, he's wearing skin-tight grey and white boxer briefs. A dark grey patch hugs his crotch. As he reaches inside his shorts and plays with his cock, the camera focuses in on his face. He's got beautiful blue eyes that stare right into the camera and his lips are full, gorgeous, and kissable. His dick is obviously starting to feel pretty good because he bites down on his lip and closes his eyes. It's so sexy. The camera pans out for a full body shot and Samuel's pumping his meat with his hand inside his boxers, his toes are curled into the carpet. He's got a hot set of hairy legs. Eventually those shorts come off and he's beautifully equipped. Nice big, thick cock and a healthy set of balls. Samuel takes a shower break to cool down, but after a nice long shower, he's back at it. As Samual jacks off and heads towards that stupendous cumshot, he holds his balls and the base of this cock with one hand and jacks with the other. And when he blow, he shoots gobs of cum all over his stomach, but every second or third pulse of cock sends a wad arching through the air and splatting all over the bedspread. Ah well, it'll come out in the laundry.

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