Denny (the cute guy on the right) has done quite a few shoots with Next Door Buddies. He seems to be the desginated "gay" guy who gets his "straight" buddies to go further than they've ever done before. And Denny loves devirginizing straight guys, not necessarily fucking them, just being their first time with another guy. Cliff is a well-built stud that's been on Next Door Male and Next Door Hookups, the site where the guys fuck chicks. He says he's straight, but doesn't have anything against touching another guy. (Yeah sure, I'm gay and I go down on my girlfriends all the time. Right.) After the guys put on a porn and get comfortable and hard, Denny asked Cliff if he's ever sucked cock before. And when he says "no," Denny asks him if he'd like to try. Cliff leans over and takes his friends cock into his mouth. The two trade blowjobs and get into the 69 and face-fucking. But the best part is when these two are sitting side by side on the couch jacking off. Denny shoots his load, it literally SHOOTS; at least 2.5 feet into the air and splatts on the back of the couch. Cliff's load launches through the air and coats Denny's arm. It was quite the mess.

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