Fucking Me Fucking You

While vacationing in Hawaii recently, Sean Cody took the opportunity to shoot some hot suck and fuck videos in the lavishly-appointed house that he had rented. Isaac had just broken up with his boyfriend and arrived in Hawaii very enthusiastic about exploring his wild side. Kurt had already been in Hawaii for a few days and drove to the airport to pick up the new guest; Sean Cody tagged along for the ride. Sitting in the back seat, Sean Cody could see that Isaac was taken with Kurt. And Sean Cody has a good eye. When he turned on the cameras back at the house, these two guys hit it off amazingly well. Isaac said that he was more of a bottom, but he and Kurt took turns fucking one another all afternoon. And who doesn't like watching some serious flip flop fucking? While Isaac might think he's more of a bottom, he's a pretty good fucking top, too!

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