Five-man Orgy

Two's company, three's a crowd, four's a party, and five is a ... gangbang! And Next Door Buddies always knows how to throw a hot orgy. This is a fun video that starts out as a solo jack off session. (I'm confused with so many hot guys in this video, so don't expect me to keep all the names straight.) Hairy stud Justin Ryder is jacking his cock on the couch. He's watching some porn on the television, so he doesn't see one of his roommates coming down the stairs. The newcomer presents his cock over the top of the couch and Justin sucks it. These two are going at it hot and heavy when a third guy comes down the stairs. This cock-sucking threeway is getting to know one another's dicks quite well when, you guessed it, a fourth guy comes down the stairs. By the time the fifth guy descends to the living room, there's a full-on orgy of guys sucking and fucking ass. And after going at it for several minutes, the guys are getting horny and want to blow their loads. But which one of these roommates is going to clean up the mess? Justin Ryder comes up with a solution and lies back on the floor; his four buddies shoot their loads all over him. Problem solved! Nothing a quick shower doesn't take care of!

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