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Park showed up on Men Over 30 last week and he sure did catch my eye. I love bald men, and this one especially got all my cylinders revved up. He's back again this week with a 35-year-old straight guy. Gary loves getting into anal with his girlfriends -- rimming, fingering, fucking, it doesn't matter. But he can't always find women who will "go there." So he decided that it'd be fun to try out some anal sex with a gay guy. And Park was the perfect fit for this first-time anal sex experience because Park loves bottoming and topping. The guys get comfortable and Park sucks Gary's cock, then the guys swap blowjobs in a hot 69 cock sucking scene. And while Gary is down there, he checks out Park's ass with his tongue. It's not long before Gary is sliding his stiff cock up Park's tight fuck hole, and he loves the feeling of his dick inside a juicy butt. I was really surprised when Gary got down on all fours and presented his ass to Park. This straight guy really did want to experience it all! First-time anal sex on camera, how hot!

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