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We do make a lot of fuss over a guy's first time. Paul Walker and Tony Paradise have been having sex with guys quite a bit over at Paul Walker has been fucking a lot of butt over at Men of UK, while Tony Paradise has been getting his dick serviced on the other sites. But over the past week, each of these top studs has gotten their own butts fucked for the first time on camera.

Paul Walker and Paddy O'Brian are real-life friends, but in the MATES series at Men of UK, they've been playing a couple of buddies on camera. Walker has been discovering that he feels a lot more than friendship for Paddy. After they fucked a guy together, Paul cooled things off with Paddy because he didn't know how to deal with his feelings. When they finally come together at a party, Paddy storms out of the apartment when Walker says, "I want you." But Paddy's back a while later to give his buddy exactly what he wants - Paddy's big-nobbed cock up his ass.

In Lawful Entry, Tyler Hunt and Tony Paradise have scored big when they find a couple of duffle bags packed with laptops and other cool gear. When Tony sees Tyler groping his crotch while sitting on the couch, Tony says, "Why don't you pull your cock for me, dude?" Tyler's big dick gets Tony so revved up that he bends over and offers his hairy ass to his buddy to fuck for the first time. And you know how much a dude loves breaking in another guy's ass for the very first time.

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