Kale Max is a 23-year-old guy who is doing his first time solo jack off session on camera. In fact, this is his first nude even doing a nude photo shoot ... well, except for those pictures his ex-girlfriend took. Kale filmed several scenes with Next Door Male over the course of a weekend, and this is the first offering. Kale gives us a show while he thumbs through a porn mag on a bedroom chair. He undoes his shirt and reveals a smooth and well-defined torso. And then, he unbuttons his jeans to give his stiffening cock some more room to grow. Kale is wearing loose boxers, and he slides his hand inside to play with his cock. With his jeans down around his kneels, he decides he'd like to have a shower before jacking off. He's got a beautiful body - lean, hard, and firm. He's packing a healthy set of nuts that swing freely between his long legs. He returns to the bed and settles down on the bed. He lies back, closes his eyes, and jacks his cock slowly until he explodes all over his smooth belly.



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