Fucking a Perfect Ass

Jared has a great body--totally ripped with a perfect ass. He hails from the Midwest where all those corn-fed boys live. When a guy has an ass that's as perfect as Jared's, you've just got to do something about getting it fucked. Sean Cody wanted to set Jared up with a hot fuck scene, and Jared said, "Yeah, that sounds great! But who is going to be doing the fucking." Sean Cody showed him a picture of Kurt, a 22-year-old, straight, college guy who has the dick of death. Fuck! It's nice and long and pretty thick, and it sports a little bit of curve halfway up the shaft. Kurt has made a lot of appearances on Sean Cody, and he's done a lot of fucking, but he's always done his fair share of bottoming. "Oh yeah, I've seen him on the site," Jared says with a big smile. "He's hot." Sean Cody checked that Jared was okay with the size of Kurt's cock and he said, "Yeah, it won't be a problem," he said. "It's going to be fun!" Now Jared says that he's never had a dick up his ass before, but the way he made Kurt's stiff monster dick disappear, one has to wonder if he's fibbing just a little bit. Hell, he even rides it pony style! This is one hot fuck scene definitely worth checking out.

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