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Brandon Lewis and Brenn Wyson are two fan favorites over at Men Over 30. And what's not to like? Brandon is good looking, well built, and sports a fat dick. Brenn has a hot body, too, and this stud knows how to fuck ass. You can hear his pounding thrusts, making you wish you were there down on all fours.

Up until now we've only seen Brenn fucking ass, but recently he started exploring the fine art of bottoming. And I can't think of a nicer cock I'd like to see thrusting into his tight, virgin fuck hole. These men start off kissing and cock fondling. Brandon is really thrilled at how hot Brenn's cock and balls look stuffed into those tight red underwear. But before he fucks Brenn's ass, Brandon wants to get a good taste of Brenn's hard cock. The guys swap blowjobs and Brenn goes down on Brandon's thick cock, too. What a beautiful dick. I really like a cock when it's thick and Brandon's sure fills out nicely.

"Wanna suck my fuckin' dick?" Brenn grunts as Brandon goes to his knees. Brenn grabs his head and starts to bob his head on his rock hard cock. Brenn then gets down on all fours and starts fingering his tight butt hole. What an invitation! Brandon slides in behind the horny stud and starts inching his fat cock inside. Brenn moans and groans and begs for more and Brandon responds with a hard ass pounding. "Take that fuckin' dick!" Brandon grunts as he slams Brenn's hot ass. Brandon puts Brenn on his back and fucks him hard until Brenn dumps a huge load all over his own chest and face. Brandon then pulls out and unloads all over Brenn's belly and chest. What a hot fucking scene.

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