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Foster is a 25-year-old, straight stud with a rugby player's body; he's beefy, hairy, and he's packing a big dick. He showed up on Chaos Men a few weeks back and titillated us with his jerk-off video. He's a bit of a brute, clunky and chunky with a pair of over-sized lips that you'd like to see sliding up and down a stiff cock.

As with a lot of the Chaos Men guys, Foster submitted himself for a blindfolded servicing video where a hungry cocksucker nursed on his big, thick cock. But he was also really interested in trying out a little more hardcore guy-on-guy action, so Chaos Men set him up with Logan.

Logan is a little older; he's 32 years old and he used to work as a stripper, and he still has a dancer's body - beefy, athletic, and bulging in all the right spots. He uses his experience as an erotic dancer to mount Foster's big, sturdy cock. While Foster sits back with his hands behind his head, Logan plunges that big dick deep inside his ass. And when it's all over, Foster splooges all over Logan's smooth butt hole. I'm betting we're going to see a lot more of Foster and his big fuck stick. You'll want to check out this bareback fuck session, it's a hot one! And Foster really does have a deliciously big piece of meat.

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