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Steven is a clean-cut and handsome jock who recently had his first time in front of a Sean Cody's video camera. He's got dirty-blond hair and beautiful, blue yes, and a naturally fit body - he only recently started going to the gym. He's a cross country runner and that keep him lean and ripped. In spite of being nervous and a little shy, he jerked off and shot a nice, big load all over his abs.

Sean Cody wasn't sure that he'd ever see Steven again, but this blond guy seemed pretty conservative. He was quite bashful when he first grabbed his cock in hand, so Sean Cody didn't think Steven would be into going any further. He told Sean Cody that he's straight that he has only had anal sex with girls. But as often happens, Steven changed his mind.

Jarek is much less inhibited than Steven; he's done a jerk-off video, too, and he's already fucked his first guy on Sean Cody. And Jarek is everything that Steven isn't. Jarek loves public nudity and he's adventureous. So it seemed natural that Jarek might bring Steven out of his shell. And Jarek was exciting to learn that he would be Steven's first time. And it turns out Jarek was a good fit for Steven. In spite of having to deal with Jarek's big, uncut cock, the look on Steven's face was one of disbelief - he couldn't believe how good a dick feels sliding in and out of his butt hole. And the way he curled his toes while he was getting fucked only seemed to confirm this. If you're into first-times this is one sizzling anal-sex scene. Sean Cody delivers another hot one!

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