Fucking a Big Dick

Kelly Taylor and Brent Biscayne have made some plans to go meet up with some of their friends from Next Door Buddies and hang out. When Brent arrives to pick up Kelly, he finds Kelly lying on the couch--Kelly's in a lazy mood. Brent starts to get a little annoyed with him, but when Kelly says he feels like staying home and jacking off, Brent's mood changes quickly. Brent whips out his very big cock and lies next to Kelly. The two guys start stroking their cocks. But before long, Brent is slobbering all over Kelly's thick cock--and he's loving every inch of it. When Kelly tells his buddy that he's never had a cock in his ass before, Brent offers to break him in gently. Yeah, they always say that don't they? "Just the tip, baby, just the tip." So Kelly offers up his ass and Brent starts inching that long dick inside his buddy's fuck hole. Kelly sure did pick one big cock for his first time getting fucked. Oh well, we all have to start somewhere; might as well "go big" as they say.

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