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Aaron Blake wants to learn a little self defense, so Ty Roderick is working with him in the Next Door Buddy gym and showing him some basics. Aaron is a cute, blond guy and he's showing a nice ass in his boxing shorts. Ty didn't miss noticing that either. He's also noticing that Aaron is flirting with him.

These fighters end up on the floor; Aaron is flat on his back and Ty is showing him all the reasons why this isn't a good position for a fighter to be in. Ty shows Aaron a number of holds and moves that will end in Aaron having a lot of broken bones. "This is not a good position to be in," Ty says, "I can do whatever I want with you".

Ty proceeds to straddle Aaron's face and rubs his crotch in the young fighter's mouth. When Aaron licks Ty's big bulge, Ty hauls out his long cock and Aaron starts showing his instructor why this is a good position to be in. After servicing Ty's big cock - and it is a beautiful dick - the blond buck gets his ass fucked in a couple of other hot positions.

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