• Kink Spotlight: Muddy Men

    Kink Spotlight: Muddy Men

    The benefit to dating a guy who regularly gets splattered and caked in mud is you never have to buy him a spa gift certificate. Though I'm thinking spa-grade mud is of a bit different quality than random sludge.

    But when you're getting a mud treatment at a spa, they tend to dissuade boners.

    Now I can't recreate the sound effects of all this. The squishes and splashes and splorks and squeaks and sucks. But I'm assuming that's part of the kink. As the mud is its own organism at that point.

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  • Ask GayDemon: It Takes Two to Bareback

    Ask GayDemon: It Takes Two to Bareback

    I've been going out with this guy for six months and everything's going great. He turns me on and our sex life is fun and satisfying except for one thing. I want to stop using condoms. I've tried fucking him a couple of times without a condom and he stops me. I've tried talking about it, but he just says that he's not ready to take that step but won't tell me why. I end up feeling like I can't be trusted. I don't know what to  do.

    -Rubber Hater

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  • Flashback: Can You Spot the Giant Dick?

    Flashback: Can You Spot the Giant Dick?

    They're all kind of giant when they're poking the back of your throat or slapping you in the face or pushing on your crack. But there does seem to be one in particular here that is utterly massive.

    And it's that big when not fully hard. Imagine.

    I suppose in another era he could have been quite the cock celebrity. Making coins from closet case millionaires and that guy who saved up to treat himself with a literal one-man band of cock.

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  • Public Exposure: Open Wide

    Public Exposure: Open Wide

    Whether you're the guy sucking yourself off outdoors or the one gasping at the beauty of naked guys prancing around exposed, it's time to open wide.

    And then, like, shove it in or something.

    Sure public nudity calls to mind sex but isn't always the same thing. But it is a great way to flirt. Maybe next time someone sees you are 49 feet away in the gay dating app, it will help when they realize you're the totally naked one on the street. Or grocery store. Or chess tournament.

    Because there's plenty of awesome cock at chess tournaments.

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  • Kink Spotlight: J Is for Jeans

    Kink Spotlight: J Is for Jeans

    Why would a sexual interest in jeans (and the men's stuff stuffed in the jeans) need a spotlight? Who, besides some country club elitist with an aversion to denim, would not appreciate some bulging, tight, inviting jeans?

    But that's the point. Just because an interest is shared by a majority doesn't make it generic and meaningless. It's still a kink.

    And it's philosophically no different than a more specialized sexual interest such as role playing doctor patient, or doctor dressed as Batman treating patient dressed as a wombat.

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  • Ask GayDemon: Faster than a Speeding Cumshot

    Ask GayDemon: Faster than a Speeding Cumshot

    I cum too quickly and it's ruining my sex life. Heard of a two-minute wonder? I wish I could last two minutes. It doesn't matter if it's a handy, a blowjob, or fucking. I cum in under a minute. What can I do?

    -Quickie Hater

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  • Flashback: Time-Traveling Penis Machine

    Flashback: Time-Traveling Penis Machine

    Now you know what you want for your birthday. And for a change, no, Amazon doesn't sell it. But yet it exists. Just climb in to the time-traveling penis machine, aka The Reverse Masturbator 5000, and it practically does all the work for you.

    No longer are you stuck living in the present. And despite what various philosophies state, it's quite fine to focus on the past. Just the cock part mostly. I tend not to focus on shameful things in the past like the Vietnam War or Season 1 of Melrose Place.

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  • Public Exposure: Do It

    Public Exposure: Do It

    You may have figured out I like to promote public exposure because I'm immune to the consequences. I won't be cited for indecent exposure (because my pants tend to stay on) but I'm happy to come across it in-person or evidence of it online.

    Also, as a practical matter when someone is nude they can't conceal any non-metaphorical weapons. I like that. Though they are still free to break my heart.

    So strip. Peel off the clothes. Remove the coverings. Splash some futuristic chemical on your sartorial splendor until your garments dissolve in a flurry of fireworks and music.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Straps for Jocks

    Kink Spotlight: Straps for Jocks

    Le Jocke Strappe. Jocko Strappo. Zhokke Tzrap. Whatever you call it, it's like a big, shiny bow on the present that is cock.

    And it does a good job of framing an ass. Real hard worker, that jockstrap. Good guy. He deserves to soak up all the sweat, cum and piss he can. 

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  • Flashback: Some Things Never Go Out of Style

    Flashback: Some Things Never Go Out of Style

    No matter the precise position, no matter if captured in color or black and white, vintage smut is vintage smut. And I'm grateful. I get that at some point whatever is happening in the present will look vintage to somebody. But digital kind of washes out that future distinction at some point.

    And images that were once on the printed page will always have a different look. Not to mention the hairstyles (body hair and otherwise) and decor. But I really can't know.

    Maybe nudity will become the norm and wearing clothing will be seen as pornographic.

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