• Kink Spotlight: Big Hanging Sacks

    Kink Spotlight: Big Hanging Sacks

    Whether helped in their hang by ball stretchers or genetics, or some combination, big and low-hanging balls are a fine thing to rest your eyes on. They should replace those diagnostic charts at the optometrist with pictures of big, hanging sacks (once the patient turns 18 and signs a release form).

    I would also like to propose big pouch, see-through jockstraps for athletes. And no pants. As I'm not really connected to the garment industry, we could just skip that and athletes could simply pull their pants down and spread their legs. As long as I got to choose which athletes, because professional golfers should not be viewed below the waist. Keep those plaid pants on.

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  • Amateur Action: Non-Dairy Milking

    Non-dairy milk is all the rage. You've got the basics of almond, rice, soy, and hemp to the more exotic of hazelnut, quinoa, flax, and pea. Then you've got a majorly hung, lean, exhibitionist milking bottom and whatever spews out of his dick after the milker exposes their session online. 

    No animals were harmed in the making of this video (setting aside the leather ball stretcher and cuffs). But the reputations of these two guys, as skilled milker and receptive milkee, are now firmly established. As firmly as those hands are wrapped around their target.

    This should be called "Assisted Gooning" though the milker is well beyond assistant level. He's more like a Chief  Cock Operating Officer. And the milkee is a prime applicant who just got hired to be a stunt penis. It's a living.

    These two have been on here before but deserved a return visit. I don't know what's left for the sub to expose. At this point, he just wants and needs more. And the milker is getting better and better at playing with his joystick, an accurate penile term in this case.

    It's good to see people in action who know who they are deep down.

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  • Flashback: One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

    Flashback: One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

    Can you spot it? Maybe it's the guy playing guitar while his dick hangs halfway to the ground. Or the guy covered in mud with an erection as strong as his smile. Not things you see every day.

    But nope, it's the guy attached to some homemade telephone, clock, electricity, mask situation. Some photographer went to art school. I can smell it.

    It also reminds me of a Rube Goldberg machine. You may not know the term but it means a series of interconnected mechanical devices that make a simple task take as many steps as possible, all started by something innocuous like dropping a ball onto a ramp. 

    Perhaps this is the end state, with the final action being a guy's clothes are disintegrated off his body. Who knew it took wires and circuits to manage that?

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  • Public Exposure: Suck and Jack and Hang

    Public Exposure: Suck and Jack and Hang

    Sometimes public nudity is just about having the cock out, hands free. Like if you're at your wedding and want a goofy picture you can't show anyone in your family ever because if you did that's horrible and oh no don't.

    Or if you're just naked in a train car, it's definitely more socially acceptable to just sit there without your hand on your penis. That way, the most offensive thing is the cringiness of seeing someone's bare ass on a public train seat.

    Think of all the other bare, perverted asses that have been there!

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  • Kink Spotlight: Nylon Shorts

    Kink Spotlight: Nylon Shorts

    This is not an Adidas ad. Though Adidas would be smart to advertise here, considering the massive amount of boners that inhabit their gear. And the fact that their company mission statement (for the penis side of the company) is "Strive to create gear for fetishists to put their boners inside of." 

    Mission accomplished.

    They don't own the concept of nylon shorts of course, just a large enough share of the market that nylon short kink photos often have their logo. This is just like how guys naked in the woods except for running shoes often have Nikes on. Finally some Fortune 500 companies do something decent for society.

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  • Amateur Action: Unloading in a Work Uniform

    I can't tell if he's in a break room or at home but I approve either way. If he is at work, this makes a strong argument for renaming "coffee break" as "cum break". Sorry coffee industry.

    Revol (whatever that company sells) should be proud of him for going above and beyond to advertise their "Great Gifts. Great Deals!" motto. Though I am confused why "Great Gifts" doesn't deserve an exclamation point as well. 

    The gift of seeing a large penis ejaculating deserves a bonus exclamation point.

    Maybe he's over the job and wants to get caught. Or maybe he's a supervisor and has locked the door, not releasing the video until he no longer works there. Or maybe he just wants everyone to know he works at Revol and masturbates openly. 

    All I know is I want to take the place of the tissue he comes into at the end. That is a fine job, though has a lot of competition. I also wouldn't mind running my hands over his washboard abs. 

    My only critique is that he should put his fitness tracker bracelet on his masturbation hand. He could definitely rack up the miles that way.

  • Amateur Action: French Exhibitionist Jacker

    "Hi, I'm Nicola. I'm going to jack off my dick for you."

    If I had a nickel for every time some skinny, smooth French guy has told me that, I'd have a nickel. Or not even as he's not telling me that, just the entire internet. And in his description, he says: "I've made a video of me jerking outdoor. I am shameless! I love being exposed and shared!"

    So here's your dream come true, Monsieur.

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  • Flashback: The Movie Star That Wasn't

    Flashback: The Movie Star That Wasn't

    This guy absolutely had the movie star looks to be in a Hercules movie or at least Hercules, Jr. And if knew his stage name (which may have been different than his modeling name), I could check IMDB to see if he'd ever even had a bit part.

    He could have been Policeman #2. Or Cowboy in Bar #4. Or Nerdy Accountant #7. Probably not that last one.

    Maybe he was one of Mae West's bodybuilders for her stage show in which she kept a bevy of muscle beauties for the audience's (and her) pleasure. I hope so.

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  • Public Exposure: Wheeeee!

    Public Exposure: Wheeeee!

    "Wheeeeee!" was exactly what the lone, flashing frat guy was thinking as he dropped his pants. Sure, the photographer knew what was up. But none of the other guys did. Until the picture ended up as out there as his penis.

    It's an asexual nudity, though. Unlike the nearly naked guy by the side of the road. Yes, the brand name of his underwear seems to be Eros. No, I couldn't find that specific model of underwear so I can't tell you what silly name it has. I'm guessing it's a "Jock Unstrap." And it does an excellent job of not at all supporting his penis and sack.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Compression Gear

    Kink Spotlight: Compression Gear

    We have a millimeter-thin body-hugging fabric to thank for this. Compression gear is the perfect way to be naked with clothes on. Or for those turned on by it, to be naked and hard with clothes on.

    Sure they have some minor benefit in terms of workouts, supporting, as manufacturers say, the muscle circulation striation DNA with moisture wicking tenacity and testosterone mobile power strands. Or something like that.

    Really they are to help someone feel visibly strong while they workout, building on their innate need to show off and have their egos fed with the lustful admiration of lucky watchers. 

    Basically, they're tight clothes.

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  • Amateur Action: Meet Swimbod32

    Who knows if he spends time swimming or not. Thankfully in this case, if he does he's not competitive about it as he's retained his otterness rather than shaving smooth to shave milliseconds off his times.

    Though I am picturing him dripping wet in the gang showers after having peeled off his swimsuit and walked towel-less across the locker room. Maybe he really needs his glasses so would stumble into me accidentally and I'd have to steady his body so he doesn't fall. Then he'd thank me and invite me over his place after so he could openly masturbate.

    This scenario is highly realistic. Or it isn't, but you can still watch him openly masturbate here. He's pretty much watching himself the whole time so you'll be in good company.

    His body does seem to have reaped the benefits of consistent exercise, at least half of which is sex itself. Plus the books in the background and his glasses show he is unceasingly intelligent. Or probably.

    At minimum, he's a poet, as judged by the video description: "Little bit of everything in here...pits, fur, feet, hairy hole, ass, cock...all culminating in a big cumplosion. Enjoy! :-)" 

    Because of all the plosions this world experiences, none is better (or more harmless) than a "cumplosion" so for that I applaud. One-handed.

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  • Flashback: Gay Marriage Guide

    Flashback: Gay Marriage Guide

    Do you think the creators of Gay Marriage Guide Vol. 2 had any idea that same-sex marriage would be legal someday? I'd like to think yes. And that this was their effort to assure such marriages didn't result in less sex for the participants, as some marriages do. But rather plenty more. 

    But it begs the question if twinks are too young to marry. Shouldn't they at least have one year of community college under their belts before they join at the hip? Because gay marriage has a lot of responsibilities, like being like having naked gay sex on the couch.

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  • Public Exposure: Show and Tell

    Public Exposure: Show and Tell

    Part of exhibitionism is the story that follows. When a guy gets to tell someone what he did, when he did it, who saw him, and how they reacted, he is reliving the experience. And it may drive him to do it all over again.

    Unless he happens to be working overtime to pay off his fines for indecent exposure. This is yet another reason for higher minimum wages. Everyone should be financially empowered enough to be able to pay off their fines for indecent exposure.

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  • Flashback: What Do You Call Nude Guys Showering?

    Flashback: What Do You Call Nude Guys Showering?

    It's a gaggle of geese and a pride of lions and a murder of crows. So what's a group of nude guys showering? How about a stark? As in stark naked? I'll try it in a sentence.

    "Hey stark! Can I join you all? I'm sure you have plenty of sexual tension to work out and that's what I'm here for." Yes, that would work fine.

    The solo bodybuilder goes from dunes to kitchen to living room quite easily. He's very versatile. Let's hope he doesn't spill on his white underwear. It would be a shame if they were to be stained with something that didn't come out of a penis.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Mummification

    Kink Spotlight: Mummification

    Unfortunately, the star of the Mummy franchise Brendan Fraser is not among the guys pictured here. Except maybe he is. For obvious reasons, it's difficult to tell. When it comes to mummification, extreme bondage and sensory deprivation is the name of the game.

    It's not a game, though. For doubly obvious reasons, this is not a kink for unexperienced people. Beyond the basic safe, sane, consensual requirements standard to ethical, respectful and positive BDSM, there are technical skills and myriad safeguards (including around breathing) needed to have successful mummification experiences. 

    From what I can tell, the budget required can be extreme as well. Though there is always a DIY element and sleeping bags can come into play, which won't necessarily break the bank, especially if there's a sale at a camping gear store.

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