• Kink Spotlight: Macrophilia

    Kink Spotlight: Macrophilia

    What did macrophiliacs do before Photoshop? Attend basketball games hoping to be accosted by a giant? Or trade a cow for magic beans and plant them and climb to the top and hope to be tormented by a giant?

    Or just close their eyes and dream.

    A lot of folks get off on size differences. On a statistical level, all heterosexuals come to mind. But this is more specific than that. Whether you're a macrophiliac top (which I guess means the tall one) or macrophiliac bottom (which I guess means the one looking in awe at the giant guy), it's the entire body that's a different size. Not just big cock/little cock, big muscles/little muscles. 

    And since more people have access to editing photos, their fantasies can sort of come to life. 

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  • Spotlight

    Porn Fail: Pornstars Who Can't Suck Dick

    I pride myself on being a good cocksucker, so it drives me crazy when I see guys in porn videos who are lousy nob gobblers. Like this latest scene from Leaked and Loaded featuring Billy Santoro giving a hung stud mostly just-the-tip action. 

    At one point the guy says, "I love the way you suck." But I don't believe him because a moment later he's urging, "Go deeper." Santoro fumbles the big cock and then gulps down a third of it and that's about as deep as he can handle. I was yelling at the screen, "Get out of the fucking way, I'll show you how to do it."

    Could someone in Pornland please tell me how it's possible for a pornstar with meagre cock-sucking skills to star in around 300 videos? What is the appeal?

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  • Ask GayDemon: A Spanking Good Time

    Ask GayDemon: A Spanking Good Time

    I recently discovered that I'm turned on by bondage and spanking. How did I discover that? I picked up a traveling executive and let him tie me up and spank me in his hotel room. I  realized afterwards that I foolishly put a lot of trust in a complete stranger and it could have  gone terribly wrong. But still, I have this burning desire to explore this side of myself. Where do I find like-minded people? How can I do it safely?

    -Eager for More

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  • Flashback: Couples and Singles

    Flashback: Couples and Singles

    Now maybe the guys pretending to be couples were actually single. And the singles were couples. But what matters is sometimes two bodies intertwined is sometimes the best.

    Any star of stage and screen knows you have to know your angles. So these guys, when in couple action, sure need to know theirs, whether that was in a still, or some sort of live sex show on a stage. Because I wasn't talking about Broadway.

    Watch Vintage Gay Porn at Retro Males

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  • Public Exposure: Take a Good Long Look

    Public Exposure: Take a Good Long Look

    If you happen to spot a naked guy in public or semi-public, do not by shy about gawking. That's what gawking was invented for. Depending what time of day or night it is and where you are, sometimes the meaning of gawking includes masturbating.

    As in "I was uncontrollably gawking at the team of naked guys." See how masturbation is built into that? Obviously.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Low-Hanging Balls

    Kink Spotlight: Low-Hanging Balls

    This isn't quite like calling a dick a kink. Because being into dick is a pretty basic thing. Even being into balls is fairly basic since they come along for the ride. Nope. Low-hanging balls. Swinging sack of potatoes. Cum-filled plums. 

    I'm allowed to call them things that aren't popular sayings. Soon the world will be shouting cum-filled plums from all the rooftops of apartment buildings that house guys with cum-filled plums.

    Or going nonverbal with your interest is fine too. Love is an action, right? So love of low-hanging balls is an action too.

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  • Ask GayDemon: Friends Without Boundaries

    Ask GayDemon: Friends Without Boundaries

    I'm single but date quite regularly. My problem is that my friends don't have a hands-off policy and constantly come on to my dates. And I'm not talking about secretly slipping a phone number into his hand. WTF? Do I need new friends?

    -Third Wheel

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  • Flashback: What's Under the Underwear?

    Flashback: What's Under the Underwear?

    Banana hammocks go way back. Cleopatra required her suitors wear them. Though they were made from actual bananas at the time. Nowadays there are so many modern choices for junk huggers.

    But I still dig the basic elements of the penis equation. Fabric plus bulge equals happiness. Some things never change.

    Also, exposed underwear and/or penis hanging out of underwear remains a great asset in a job interview. Though it generally only works if the hiring manager is an unrepentant, unethical pervert.

    Watch Vintage Gay Porn at Retro Males

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  • Public Exposure: Mature Muscle

    So there's this guy on YouTube who has a few halfhearted videos and an ebook. He can't much compete with the whole Abs After 40 thing, and who could because if you don't have abs when you turn 40 your torso can't hold you up and you keep toppling over into a big vat of pancake batter.

    But this guy, who goes by the powerful YouTube handle "Richard," blows them all away. With his ass. With this extremely perverted close-up view of him working out his ass in public in a gym. 

    Now there's nothing wrong with him doing that. But just imagine people seeing the cameraperson holding the camera between Richard's legs from behind. Hey Richard, I'm available for that job anytime!

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  • Kink Spotlight: Deep Cut Tank Tops

    Kink Spotlight: Deep Cut Tank Tops

    I've been too distracted by the potential awfulness of men who wear deep cut tank tops to really focus on the benefits. My experience is limited to jerks at the gym. Profoundly jerky jerks. Or probably they are if I talked to them.

    But I am certain there are non-horrible people who wear these. And the main thing that's not horrible about them is their calm, focused intent to display pecs and nips and a sneak peak of abs. All of this in a casual way, like accidentally leaving one's fly unzipped. Except on purpose.

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