• Flashback: When Pages Would Stick Together

    Flashback: When Pages Would Stick Together

    Those were the good old days. When you could squirt in your underground porn magazine and cause the pages to stick together. There's not really an online equivalent of that. Though you could try squirting on your lips and see if that makes them stick together. But it will likely be a futile effort.

    Is there an equivalent medium in which messing it up is the highest form of approval, the most sincere flattery, a splat of applause? Ejaculating on one's laptop screen and closing the laptop and seeing if it sticks together is not advisable.

    The closest I can think of is the classic throwing of rotten tomatoes at a failing vaudeville performer. But never at a successful one, so that's basically the opposite. And as I've repeatedly stated, "Rotten tomatoes are not ejaculate!" 

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  • Public Exposure: From Silly to Sexual

    Public Exposure: From Silly to Sexual

    Not every exposed cock is a hard, throbbing, needy one. Sometimes the cock is just swinging in the breeze, minding its business. And sometimes the exposed cock has a hardworking fist wrapped around it.

    The guy putting suntan lotion on is sending a mixed message. He's not hard but he's got a cock ring on. Maybe it's more decorative than anything, the equivalent of an ankle bracelet, as nobody is looking for a hard, throbbing, erect foot.

    Except folks into that kind of thing.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Measurecockophilia

    Kink Spotlight: Measurecockophilia

    Attention Maury Povich, here's a topic for your venerable talk show. Take a break from DNA testing prospective and regretful baby daddies. Focus on guys into showing off their precise girth through the use of measuring tape.

    As someone fascinated with measurecockophilia since I invented the term moments ago, I would be remiss if I didn't point out that just because you see measuring tape doesn't mean the girth is as shown. For example, the measuring tape could be loose on the side you can't see. Or some other object could be stuck there, like a celery stick or pack of gum.

    Which aren't the worst things because nothing is better than gum and celery after sucking cock.

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  • Amateur Action: Smooth, Hung, Edged and Milked

    Watch this lean, smooth, mature guy with a long joystick get edged and milked. He's fully exposed as he gets worked over by an expert milker. As the video progresses, you can feel their connection build.

    Partway through, the scene shifts from the door bondage to a purple-lit bedroom with the still fully nude man tied to the bed, his cock straining. While two main poses in a half hour video seems like it would feel static, focus on the milker's hands as he varies his strokes.

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  • Flashback: Objects of Affection

    Flashback: Objects of Affection

    OMG, I like totally have major crushes on these guys! I don't just like them. I like them like them. But for some reason, they don't seem to notice me at all. What's up with that? Men!

    I was just watching hilariously pathetic clips of the Dr. Phil show in which a woman's daughters are desperately trying to convince her she is not in a relationship with Tyler Perry but is being catfished. The fact that she has never met the online entity in person or talked to him on live video (something I've heard is possible online) does not deter her from her steadfast belief.

    So with her delusions as my inspiration, why can't I have crushes on softcore models from the 50s and 60s?

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  • Flashback: That Special Porn Sheen

    Flashback: That Special Porn Sheen

    Besides their near or full nudity, these fellas have something in common. It's a sheen, an aura brought on by lighting, sweat, oil, or, admittedly, retouching. And it's special.

    That sheen is what makes some photos look otherworldly. And whatever it takes to reach that other world, I want a ticket. Warning though: after prolonged exposure to perfect pornography, probably don't apply the same expectations to the real world (unless you live in West Hollywood).

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  • Public Exposure: Cock and Ass Fun

    Public Exposure: Cock and Ass Fun

    In an alternate universe, the guy showing off his ass while leaning on the hood of a car has secured a spokesperson job for the car company. Because everyone wants a car that encourages complete strangers with hot asses to expose themselves. And he has the perfect inspirational ass.

    In our universe, he set the car alarm off and vamoosed right after the shot was taken. 

    Also in our universe, the naked bicyclist with the massive cock is popular. Massively popular. He's earning new fans by the second.

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  • Kink Spotlight: A Cock Milking Good Time

    Kink Spotlight: A Cock Milking Good Time

    If you want to try this at home (or in a hotel or alley or wherever) remember you don't need a month's rent worth of bondage gear to make it happen. A good old mental takeover can do the trick, no ropes or locks required.

    So while it may look like a handjob, a simple unrelenting hand on cock can generate as intense a milking experience as 98 pounds of manual and electric equipment. Though you will have a difficult time incorporating the electroshock stimulation element without the right (safety-tested) machine and reliable training. 

    You could improvise by rubbing your socks on a carpet until you can generate a tiny electric shock on your own. Static electricity isn't exactly a kink though. Probably.

    Nope it's about that continuous stimulation, incorporating edging, and eventually polishing the knob after ejaculation. That gets into cum torture territory. Some milking may not have much post-cum stimulation. Just depends on what folks want and agree upon.

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  • Amateur Action: Cock Balloons Hands-Free

    With the Winter Olympics on the horizon, it's too late to promote no-hands big cock growth from soft to hard as a sport. And there would be debate as to whether it would be a winter or summer sport anyhow. But this video still shows the concept is better than the overall highly corrupt and over-commercialized actual Olympics.

    After all, you don't see some manufactured tearjerker story narrated over the simple swelling of this cock specimen. And if you did, it would be about the day he was forced to go in to the office to work instead of his normal work (meaning masturbate) from home routine. 

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  • Public Exposure: Pants Are Awful

    Public Exposure: Pants Are Awful

    Don't you hate pants? Sure, they're convenient when you're on the bus and don't want your ass to touch directly where someone else's ass has been. And sure, if it's freezing outside you probably want something to cover your lower body. But overall, pants are horrible creations.

    How else to explain guys doing their best to skip pants altogether, or otherwise sneak their cocks out at every opportunity. Or at minimum, flash their underwear. This must be a natural response to years of pants oppression. And I'm all for direct responses to oppression.

    Now dropping one's pants while waiting in line at a convenience store may not seem like radical political action, but it is. Because I say so. Though it kind of depends what they bought, because it could be the products of a horrible company. So let's hope they bought convenience store basics of dildos, beer and mascara.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Asshole Devotion

    Kink Spotlight: Asshole Devotion

    If you can have a deep, emotional conversation with an asshole, you know you're in love. And if you have the gift of being able to communicate with an asshole in unspoken ways, then you're popular.

    When devotion to asshole goes against the basic idea of "exit only" to a world of anal possibilities, you know that feels and is right. Zooming in on the hole shows each can have its own personality. This is helped along by the rest of the guy positioning his hole just right, exposing it for concentrated sexual attention and admiration.

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  • Amateur Action: Deep Throater in Paradise

    big black load in my mouth powered by XTube

    Next time someone claims to be a lean, muscular, talented, eager, focused, and dedicated deep throat cocksucker, here's a good standard to compare them to.

    See he doesn't even mind that the guy is holding his phone for part of it. The guy on his knees doesn't so much need affection as throat plowing. Maybe the fact that he's such a good cocksucker distracts the other guy from taking an intended POV video. 

    Well, this one static angle will have to do. Though I wouldn't mind installing a bunch of cameras on the cocksucker, including one looking out from the back of his throat. Technology isn't quite there yet, but tonsil cam will probably be a thing.

    It'll just have to employ lighting of some kind. Though considering all the precum in this guy's mouth and cum in his gullet, he probably glows from the inside out.

    Certainly it's best to keep this greedy cocksucker fed or he gets super cranky. And a starving cocksucker isn't a pretty sight. Except for whoever the lucky guy is who that sucker finally gets in his mouth next.

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  • Flashback: Focus on the Cock

    Flashback: Focus on the Cock

    Little known, and for some reason not on IMDB, was an early television show called Focus on the Cock. It was a syndicated documentary-style show airing from 1962-1975, hosted by Walter Cronkite. Not famed newscaster Walter Cronkite, but the other Walter Cronkite.

    Each week, he would show pornographic images to viewers hungry for cock, starting off each broadcast with simply, "Welcome. It's time to focus on the cock." For most of the audience, that came naturally, but in their everyday life, they had to hold back from focusing on the cock, say on the street, else potentially get socked in the mouth. As opposed to the more preferable activity of being cocked in the mouth.

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  • Public Exposure: Cock Context Is Everything

    Public Exposure: Cock Context Is Everything

    Depending where you live, pubic nudity may be illegal automatically. Or it may be fine (even if right in front of authorities) unless someone directly complains and then you don't put clothes on or leave. And in those situations, it's all about context.

    So a guy flashes his cock on the train. But he doesn't strip down to nothing and masturbate flat on his back. Because flashing cock is a train activity. Public masturbation and even ejaculation is a street fair activity. Well, depending on which street fair.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Work Boots Can Be Obscene

    Kink Spotlight: Work Boots Can Be Obscene

    I don't see too many work boot sellers espousing the obscene virtues of their wares. They'll say the boots are sturdy, tough, protective, and classic. But "looks great when blanketed in fresh ejaculate" is not commonly used marketing language.

    And what a loss! It would make copywriters have much more interesting days. And it would make online retailers "adults only" (which probably they should be anyhow). 

    So if you have this kink, you'll just need to fill in the blank with your own arousal. Gift someone with boots that turn you on. Then show the how much more sexually aggressive and needy you are. Feed your kink and let it take over.

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