This hot man is Fred Faurtin and he's got just about everything I look for in a man. In fact, about the only thing I'd change about him is that I would give him some more body hair. Faurtin starred in the Raging Stallion movie "Manifesto" and he's making a solo appearance on Rear Stable this week. He's got a hot body. I like my men lean and he's got a pretty tight body. He's not overly muscular in a beefcake kind of way, but he's well-defined and pretty ripped. He's a good-looking man and keeps his hairy cropped pretty short, and he hasn't shaved for a few days, so he's looking particularly fetching in this series of pictures. But I have to say that my favourite thing about Faurtin is that fat, uncut cock of his. I love foreskin -- absolutely fucking adore it. And Faurtin's cock is delicious. It's long and fat. When he's semi-hard his foreskin only covers half of his cock head. When he's completely hard his cock head because really bulbous and engorged with blood. It's one of those cock heads that you can't get enough of as it fills your whole mouth. Man, he's got a beautiful uncut cock and I could feast on that for as long as he could hold back the explosion.

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