Fat Uncut Cock

What else can you say about Alejandro. The guy has a magnificent uncut cock. How would you like to be on your knees with that fat fucker staring you straight in the face. It wouldn't be staring for long is all I can say. That big chunk of meat would be sliding down my throat. But not before I spent a great deal of time working that foreskin. I love sucking and chewing on foreskin and making a guy feel really good. I'm cut myself, so when I have the opportunity to play with a fat uncut cock like Alejandro's I love taking care of that foreskin envy. And it doesn't hurt that Alejandro has such a beautiful cock. It's near-perfectly formed - a juicy, pink cock head; and thick, veiny shaft, and a hot set of round balls. And when Alejandro finally shoots his load, he fills up his navel with a creamy pool of juice. He continues stroking his cock slowly and pumping out every last drop. Fuck, it's a hot one!



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