This week, Extra Big Dicks brought back Enrique - the blue-eyed, San Diego hottie. Last week, he did his first solo for us, and we were more than happy to invite him back for more. This 5'10 stud is more than equipped. With a massive 8½" uncut cock on his well-defined frame, a very captivating masculine face, and those azure eyes seem to draw you in, he attracts you like a moth to a flame! Even as they interview him, he is rock hard and playing with his throbbin' cock through his jeans. Robbie is a 20 year old cutie who's a new arrival on the West Coast. When he first saw Enrique he knew right from the start this was going to be an extremely interesting adventure. And so did EBD>


We didn't waste any time today showing you Robbie's hairy tight asshole getting plundered by Enrique's extra large offering. I mean, sometimes it's just good to cut to the chase aint' it? It looks as though Robbie is slowly warming up to that big Latino montster.


There we are. Enrique really grabs a hold of his bottom and shows him what the full length feels like. Robbie reaches back to let his top know that it's ok to go for broke. What a lucky boy indeed.


Well I guess that things got pretty worked up for Enrique. I'm sure Robbie has a pretty tight as which could bring any man to a thick and gooey finale. Don't worry though guys. You can catch the full scene over at Extra Big Dicks where the lads are all large and in charge. Not to mention gorgeous and without much in the way of inhibitions. Great combination if ya ask me!

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