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Adam and Marcus were hanging out the other day and they got to talking about sex. Eventually, they stumbled awkwardly onto the topic of experimenting with guys. Adam admitted that he's been thinking about sucking a guy's cock, wondering how it felt and if he'd like it. Marcus said that he'd always heard guys give better blowjobs, so he invited Adam to give it a shot. With promises that they'd still be best buds when it was all over, Adam got down on his knees and unzipped Marcus's pants. He gently wrapped his lips around his buddy's big cock and slowly slurped it down his throat. Marcus loves the feeling of his friend's mouth on his dick and he decides he wants to try it out, too. So the two guys 69 on the bed, swallowing one another's cocks. When Adam feels a load working its way up from his balls, he climbs on top of his buddy. Straddling Marcus's chest, Adam jacks off and explodes all over Marcus's chest. Then Marcus pumps out a load adding his juice to the pools on his smooth stomach.

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