cain fucks levi

Cain and Levi are among Corbin Fisher's newest, freshest, and hottest faces! I was looking forward to watching this fuck session because I've got a bit of a thing for Cain. I love that guy's chin scruff - it drives me wild. He's 18, stands 5'8", and packs 7.5 uncut inches. He's also got this Gino / thug thing happening; like you don't know if he's going offer you a cigarette or spit on you. That makes the sex all the hotter, doesn't it?

So I checked out Levi to see about his past on Corbin Fisher. He's never fucked another guy on the site! I was looking through the roster of videos in Levi's bio and it's starts with Elijah Fucks Levi (sounds like a nasty, Bible story) and then Dawson fucks Levi, then Jamie, Cole, Dru, Ian, and Connor all fuck this guy. Levi loves to bottom and loves buff guys, so he's racking up another one with Cain. (What's with all the Biblical names over at Corbin Fisher?)

Levi is really into Cain. His hands roam over Cain's muscles as the two guys kiss. The guys swap blowjobs, but Levi really wants to get boned so Cain gives it to him. Levi starts out on his back and Cain thrusts hard and deep into his fuck hole. Then Levi gets down on all fours and Cain grinds some more, even grabbing a fistful of hair to steer himself into Levi's hungry hole. Cain starts to pound him harder and faster and he literally fucked a big load out of Levi! And then Levi gets on his knees and thanks Cain for the good fuck and sucks him off, taking a nice juicy load in the mouth.

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