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I haven't been to the Hot House website for a while, so I've missed out on the appearance of Ethan Wolfe. He has hit the gay porn biz like a mack truck and he sure gets me dreaming about being down on my knees. What a hot stud! Ethan Wolfe is a good-looking stud with big green eyes, hot kissable lips, and some sexy chin scruff. Before I saw Wolfe's cock, I first saw a back view of him, and what a beautiful ass! If you like rimming I imagine you'll be fantasizing about spread those smooth butt cheeks and slipping your tongue deep inside his ass crack. But that may have to wait when you see Wolfe's huge cock. Holy shit! Wolfe is a cock sucker's dream come true. When soft, his big, meaty cock hangs heavily between his legs; when it's hard it sticking straight up in the air. And not only is it long, but it's super fat. Try wrapping your lips around that!

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