Man oh man how I do love REAR STABLE. When you're talking about leather, muscles, tattoos, hair and big cocks, there aren't very many sites which can compare. Take Jake Deckard and Trey Casteel taking part in Erotikus - Scene 1 for example. These guys are for real and hold no punches when it comes to hardcore gay action. Boots and slings. Cocks, mouths and asses. It's all here and looks just as good as it ever could.


After getting his thick fuck tool sucked for a while, Jake decides he's had enough of Trey's teasing mouth and bends him over the sling platform to show him what's really up. Trey knew it was cumming, and frankly, couldn't wait. He braces himself for the aggressive top's loaded piece of iron.


Here we get a close-up view of Jake feeding his meat to our boy of the day. What a fantastic shot. Big cock, luscious ass. It doesn't get much better than that. Or does it? I guess we'll have to find out eh?


What a blast it is to have your bottom upside down while he takes your length of pipe. Jake does some acrobatic plumbing here and Trey is eating up every bit of it. REAR STABLE has put up much more of this incredible duo and even provided us with a great set of video clips. How about that? You HAVE to see this guys. Unplug the phone, get out the hankies and lube because you'll be busy for a while.

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