Xtra Inches' very good looking Enzo works his cock for us well in this new video. He strokes his girth fast for a while, then slows down until the meat is fully engorged - his pole standing at attention in all it's glory for our sheer pleasure and entertainment. His foreskin will make your mouth drool and your knees weak as the thought of running your tongue alongside it will no doubt take over your mind. His facial expressions are those of pure bliss and evoke a deep connection between performer and audience. Cheers Enzo for showing us your lovely endowment and it's luscious contents.


You can probably tell from the action blur that Enzo is in fast mode here. His hand works like a high powered piston working the gears of his organ. His pubes portray a place where a face could snuggle up in for some time while taking in his manly aroma.


Ah yes, the gratuitous closeup. No self respecting big dick stroke off flick can be without it's share of zoomed in shots. It just wouldn't be right. Now this pic has gotten me seriously engorged. Damn yeah.


I can only imagine the thoughts running through Enzo's young imaginative mind at this point. It looks as though he may be close to cumming. Well, true to Xtra Inches tradition there are some video clips available so we can get a much better perspective of Enzo's erotic episode. He truly is a good wanker and let's go a lovely spray with the enthusiasm of a horny hunk in heat.

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