When Denny wakes up in the morning, he likes to head to the shower for a little whank. But this morning he notices that his buddy Riley is lying spread-eagle on the bed. His plump butt is looking pretty good and it's looking like a better prospect than Denny's hand and a bar of soap. Denny has a smooth hard body and he's sporting a couple of tattoos. He's boyishly goodlooking, but he's a bad boy when it comes to sex. He climbs on top of Riley and starts sliding his semi-hard cock between Riley's tanned bubble butt. "What are you doing, man?" asks Riley, still half asleep. "I want to fuck your ass," Denny whispers in his ear. Riley doesn't resist, he just spreads his butt cheeks a little more and Denny starts pumping between the two mounds of flesh. And when his cock gets good and hard, he slides his dick inside his buddy's warm and spit lubbed butt hole. Once Riley gets a taste of Denny's cock and wakes up a bit he pushes his buddy off of him, and then, he climbs on top and sits on his very hard cock. After a couple of minutes, Denny takes control and bends Riley over the edge of the bed. Pumping his cock hard, he smacks Riley's ass hard with his open hand. And it's not long before Denny is blowing his load up his buddy's ass. When he's finished unloading, Riley rolls over on his back and jacks off a thick load all over his stomach. As Riley still spasms from his orgasm, Denny heads to the shower. Early morning fuck sessions -- quick and they get the job done.

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