Double Penetration

Blond-haired Pete is the proverbial power bottom. He's had 10 hot fuck sessions on Sean Cody. And he's even had one crack at taking two dicks up his ass. Sean Cody says that, still to this day, it's all Pete talks about. So recently, while in Hawaii, Sean Cody decided to rock Pete's world again. He lines the horny, blond bottom up with two hard-dicked hunks. Both Matt and Doug have fucked a fair number of guys on Sean Cody, so it seemed natural to bring these two together for a double penetration scene. You see, to get two dicks into a guy's butt hole, you need two fair-sized, hard dicks. Semi-hard cocks just slide out and small cocks are useless. So Matt and Doug meet all the criteria. Matt lies back and Pete sits on his cock, and then, Doug shimmies in behind and slides his stiff dick into Pete's already stuffed hole. The look on Pete's face says it all! They fuck him both at the same time, and then took turns pounding his hole. And in the end, Pete is covered with three loads of cum. What a scene!

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