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Jayden loves big dicks, so much so that he's attempting his first double penetration scene on Extra Big Dicks. And he's paired up with a couple of whoppers. Jeremy Kirk is a 24-year-old, Southern boy and he's packing a thick 8.5" dick; Cody Kennedy is a 23-year- old cutie also swinging a 8.5" cock and he likes to put it to good use. Cody and Jeremy get their dicks warmed up as all three guys swap blowjobs, and then, they take turns warming up Jayden's tight butt hole. If he's going to take two 8.5-inch cocks up his ass, he's going to have to make some room! Cody and Jeremy lie back on the bed balls to balls, and then, Jayden straddles the two of them and starts sliding their huge dicks up his ass. The guys are amazed as Jayden impales himself on their two hard poles, but inch by inch, he manages to get those dicks up his ass! You've got to see it!

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