Don't you love a good three-way? I do. Especially when the guys are exceptionally hot. Kody, Jay and Adam have their fans on Randy Blue and I have been planning on getting them all together for some time now. Adam's been gone traveling all over the country and I had lost touch with him.I wasn't sure if he wanted more work but like always i picked up the phone and called him.

Not only was Adam ready to do more work but he was ready to bottom. I was elated to hear that. I have always lusted after Adams body. He is fair complected but his skin is beautiful and he has this amazing patch of hair around his belly button and crotch. When I introduced the three of them they immediately hit it off. Adam came to me later and told me he couldn't believe how hot these two were and how horny he was.

It wasn't long till Adam, Kody and Jay were sucking each others cocks. There was a lot of deep-throating on this shoot and a lot of body contact and kissing! Then it was time for the real action to begin with Kody plowing Adam's ass while he and Jay do some heavy french kissing! Both guys take their turns with Adam and give him a hot, hard fucking he is not going to forget for a long time!

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