Dominant Top Becomes Submissive Bottom Dominant Top Becomes Submissive Bottom hunk Sebastian Young is well known in the gay porn industry for being a dominant top, but in this scene for Drill My Hole he's told about a secret underground S&M men's club and he's interested in the idea and decides to pay it a visit, but little does he know that the tables are about to be turned on him, and his deliciously round, meaty bubble butt is about to get some seriously hot treatment by a man worthy of becoming his new master, Jarec Wentworth!

Sebastian turns up at the club at the agreed time and Jarec is waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs. Sebastian is told he is expected to make a payment to enter, so he pulls a wad of cash from his pocket and is about to offer some when Jarec reaches out and takes the whole lot and, without even counting it, puts it in his pocket. Sebastian protests, but his words just fall on deaf ears. This new master won't take any lip from his new slave and tells him to shut it. He's the boss, and that's final! The normally dominant Sebastian is made to strip naked, get down on his knees and submissively suck on Jarec's hard uncut cock, then he gets his butt cheeks slapped and his hole inspected before being fucked in a variety of positions, and the whole time Sebastian is forced to beg for each inch of Jarec's cock, desperately pleading for each thrust into his arsehole to be deeper, and harder than the one before, until finally Jarec pulls out and cums an amazingly huge load all over his new submissive bottom boy's chest!

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