master and his dog boy

James Ryder is a very lucky dog boy. His master, Trenton Ducati, finally lets him out of his cage to play with his master's bone in this scene from Hot House. James has been a bad puppy and he's been locked up in his cage. But his master lets him out to test the waters and see if James is going to behave.

Down on all fours, Ryder is forced to lick his master's boots. Ducati tugs on the puppy-tail butt plug shoved deep inside his boy's ass. And just to let James know that he's not out of the dog house yet, Ducati makes his dog boy drink out of a bowl on the floor. James has to chew on a leather bone and bark and beg for his master's stiff cock.

Having passed through all the tricks, this puppy has passed the test and has shown his master that he's deserving of a good ass fucking. After a hard pounding, and with his stiff cock still buried in his boy's ass, the master lets his puppy boy jack off and cum in his water bowl. Hot! Where do I find me a master like this?

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