You know all those crazy rumors of rock stars and their humongous cocks? The ones with the tattoos and the piercings and the eyes that say: yeah, there might have been some cocaine, too? Well, guess what? They're true. Except in the case of Phil Varone, formerly of Skid Row and the VH1's hit, Sex Rehab w/Dr. Drew, you get to see if I'm lying or not. (I'm not though.) And all you have to do for that to happen is buy the December issue of Playgirl. But who is this handsome, rugged man with a pierced nipple standing naked in someone's bathroom with his arms raised high and his horse hung low?

Phil Varone, a Long Island-native who now calls Las Vegas home, was a child oozing with creative impulses; he wanted to act, sing and perform stand-up comedy. (You gotta love a kid who wants to grow up and do stand-up!) In 1988 and 20-years-old, he formed Saigon Kick ("Love Is On The Way") and by 2000 he joined the multi-platinum band Skid Row. By 2004, after rock-n-rolling all over the globe - and having sex with every woman on Earth with the letter 'D' - Varone turned to Hollywood to pursue his interests in acting and stand-up and eventually ended up at the famed Hollywood Improv.

But it's his latest gig with Playgirl - okay, it's his large penis photographed by rock-n-roll auteur Todd Kancar on the pages of Playgirl - that promises to open him up (yes, pun) to an entirely new audience, an audience that is decidedly less interested in the one about the nun, the lesbian and the busload of school children and more about whether or not the *cough* beastmaster has a tilt.

(P.S. Listen up boys: In addition, Playgirl will be running it's first ever "Cocktest" where, if you measure up to Phil, you may win a chance to be our next cover model in our "Do You Measure Up To Phil Varone" contest. Send admissions to this [email protected] before Jan 1 2011 and win a weekend in Atlantic City plus a shoot in NYC. Yay!)


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