"Do Whatever You Want." "Do Whatever You Want."

It's funny how a different camera angle can give a whole new perspective on a guy's cock. I've seen Colton Grey more than a couple of times, but it wasn't until this MEN.com scene with Mike De Marko that I got a full appreciation for how well hung he is. There's a moment where Colton is lying back and the camera is filming over his shoulder and down the length of his ripped body, Mike is between Colton's legs and licking his thick, curved cock. Tell me if you don't say "oh my" out loud.

Colton has set the scene for a romantic romp with his lover and the room is aglow with candles. Colton ushers in a blindfolded Mike. Then he removes the tie from Mike's eyes and slides off his Andrew Christians saying, "Do whatever you want?" And in spite of the giant slab swinging between his lover's legs, Mike decides to bend him over the coffee table and eat his ass. Not my first choice, but what's the hurry? They have all night.

Mike does eventually get to swallowing Colton's huge dick. It's a bit of an odd one, thick and curving off to the left and crowned by a smallest cap. Colton gives his lover some head before they settle on the couch to see how much of this dick Mike can take up his ass. He takes all of it doggy style, on his side, and finally, on his back where he splatters cum droplets all over his furry body.

By the way, this is your two-day warning, if you haven't planned a "Do Whatever You Want" scenario for your Valentine, you'd better get thinking.

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