Dirty Dawg Dirk Fucks The Dad, Then His Son Dirty Dawg Dirk Fucks The Dad, Then His Son

If your best friend's college-aged son tried to drag you into bed, would you do it? Or is that crossing a line? In MEN.com's latest serial called Son Swap, Dirk Caber is faced with that very question.

In the first episode, Colby Jansen confides in Dirk: his wife just left him because she thought Colby had a bromance going with Dirk. The men laugh, but Dirk isn't laughing for long when Colby plants a big wet one on him. After lots of hemming and hawing, these longtime friends bone each other. Then with Colby's cum all over his beard, Dirk says, "Please, lets stay friends ... just friends, okay?"

But later that weekend when Colby's and Dirk's sons, Luke Adams and Tyler Sweet, arrive. Dirk can't take his eye off Luke especially when he sees the hunk in his swimsuit. The four are down at the lake, Tyler and Colby are swimming, and Luke heads into the cottage for a nap. And dirty dawg Dirk says he's going to make the guys some lunch. Colby says that he'd love a ham and cheese sandwich, but he has no idea that his son is on the lunch menu, well, on Dirk's anyway.

Who knows if Colby ever got his ham sandwich, but his son sure did get his ass filled with Dirk's sausage. And the way Luke gets Dirk into bed is deliciously fun. It seems Luke has been wanting this sexy daddy as much as Dirk has been nursing the lust in his loins. There's still one more part left and I'm pretty sure that Tyler Sweet is going to find out why his dad likes Colby so much.

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