Dirk Caber Gets TRIPLE Penetrated...By His "Sons"

Triple penetration!? Is that even a thing!? It is now, and Dirk Caber is the guy flexible enough to bring it to wide-eyed gay porn fans. In the latest scene from Men.com, the hirsute superstar, who has been waging a war with Facebook over his fan page with fellow porn star hubby Jesse Jackman, plays the lascivious daddy to three sons, or actually the sons of his new wife. Relax, they're all of age and played by unrelated models Johnny Rapid, Trevor Spade and Asher Hawk.

The eight-episode Stepfather's Secret series has delved into the complicated sex lives of this twisted family and featured different combos of the members and their friends. For the stunning finale, Dirk first fucks all three of his "stepsons" then bends over and takes their cocks at the same time! You gotta admire the sheer logistics of this accomplishment (fitting three dicks in one hole) and the technical ability it takes to capture it on film. Camera angles do not lie, folks! Anyway, all's well that ends well. And Dirk can still walk...as far as we know!

And for those readers outraged by the notion of incest in porn, it's interesting to note that the studio felt the need to add a disclaimer at the start of the scene pointing out that the fictional characters are from different states and are all "adopted brothers. They've gone through several homes with one another. Now, their stepmother is married to Dirk." Does that make it okay? Please leave your thoughts (and outrage) below!

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