Hot damn! Gotta love those Daddies! Check out Dimitri here with his heavily muscled bod in his underwear. This mixed-race Pappa stud cums to us courtesy of MEN OVER 30. As you probably know by now, these guys supply some of the best looking older men on the net. Guys that can show you a thing or two with their life experience. Dimitri is 41 years old and is of Cuban, Spanish and Greek descent. Talk about a hot latin stud! His blood is so hot it's on fire. And from this photo shoot, that fact is only confirmed.


I DO love banana cocks like Dimitri's. So alluring. It's almost like you're in a trance when you see a dick like his. It hypnotizes you. Draws you into a tunnel-like vision where your goal is to bring it off if it kills you. Sorry, this guy really does it for me.


Do you think you could handle that dick exploring your orifices? Hell, I think I could. Dimitri lays back waiting for some servicing. No fighting boys. There's plenty to go around for all. I had a lover like this guy for a while. That man tamed my ass into pure submission. I really miss him. LOL.


Great pose. If you're into armpits like I am you'll especially appreciate this shot. He sure looks like a serious dude doesn't he? I'm sure he's quite laid back though. He's here to show off for all of us. MEN OVER 30 always do it for me. Gotta love those older fellas. Wait a minute, I'm an older fella too. LOL. Oh well. Aint' nothin' like a Daddy to get the job done. They know what they want and aren't afraid to take it. I can live with that. Can you?

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