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Top man Justin Wells walks into the Hot House boot shop and finds Ryan Raz working on a pair of boots. When Justin sets his foot between Ryan's legs, the cute, young guy starts working on them. And it's only a few seconds before Ryan starts shining up those boots with his tongue. This really gets Justin riled up. He loves Ryan's sandy blond hair and piercing green eyes, and Raz exudes an boy-next-door innocence that drives Wells wild. And as these things go, Justin whips out his cock and gives Ryan a taste of his big tool. But Ryan has more than licking boots and sucking cock on his mind, so he strips naked and offers his shaved fuck hole to this hot top man. Wells fingers and tongues Ryan's hole, and then, he lubes up the young, farm boy and starts working a huge dildo into his fuck hole. With Justin's hand up his butt, Ryan spews a huge load all over his belly and then proceeds to eat it. What a pig!

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