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Preston Steel is a good-looking 32-year-old man with a sexy beard. And he's making his debut appearance on Men Over 30. He had his first sexual experience with a guy when he was 20 years old. He got head from this guy and came four times in four hours. Now that's an introduction!

In this video, Preston arrives home and finds a box on the sofa from his lover who has just left for a business trip. Across the front of the parcel his partner has written: "Be Home Soon!" Preston opens the box and inside he finds a double headed dildo - a very long dildo. Preston holds this huge dildo in his hands and his mind starts to wander.

He strips off his shirt and rubs his chest. He licks his finger and swirls it around his nipple. His hand slowly falls to his crotch and he gropes the growing bulge in his jeans. He lowers his jeans and rears the camera, giving us a good look at his ass. He gropes and kneads his butt cheeks, spreading them and exposing his puckered fuck hole.

His cock is rock hard now. It's not huge, but it is thick and it's crowned with a deliciously plump cock head. He leans forward and starts inching that long dildo into his ass. Once he gets the head of this dildo into his ass, Preston lies back on the sofa so he can slide this cock in deeper. He spreads his thighs wide and strokes his cock, all the while sliding more of this dildo into his ass.

He pushes the dildo deep inside and jerk his cock furiously. He moans softly and his breathing quickens. He's drilling his ass quickly and it's obviously hitting the right spot. Then suddenly: "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum." He squirts a healthy load of creamy cum across his belly and fills up his navel. Preston lies back and enjoys the post-orgasmic moments, thinking about his lover's return and how they're going to christen this double-headed dildo. You can watch a free preview of this dildo fucking session at Men Over 30.

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