This is Tan Benders' - the bottom boy on his knees getting face-fucked - first time getting corn-holed on camera. You'd never know it as he keeps a hard-on the whole way throughout this fuckfest and blows a huge wad all over himself while mega-stud Jacob Slader slams his tight hole with the verocity of a wild beast. And Jacob, by the way, certainly lives up to the term "XTRA INCHES" with his 8"+ anal invader. Here's a small taste of this fantastic shoot. You really don't want to miss this!


Yeah, it may be Tan's first time getting fucked in front of a camera, but he knows what we want to see. Legs open wide for all the world to explore, while Jacob's thick prick tears him a new manhole. These guys are so fucking hot, I really had to control myself while writing this. LOL. The pure rawness of their interraction and how good looking they are really makes for quite a show.


What a sensational shot! Check out the size of that cock as it pulls in and out of Tan's sweet canal. Jacob has been around for some time and always knows how to train his bottoms. It's one thing to have a big tool, it's another to know how to use it. Jacob is a master cocksman, as it quite evident here. He leaves his mark wherever he goes. As well as a few sore assholes.


Tan pulls his legs way back on order to allow Jacob to dig deeper. After all, that is the theme of the day isn't it? "Diggin' Deep". Man I bet that cock feels good up his ass. He sure takes it well. Nowhere is this more evident in the free movie clips XTRA INCHES has put up for us hardcore anal fans. Make sure you've got the lube (if you use it), and the handi-wipes handy because I assure you you'll blow a huge nut while wanking to these. Enjoy!

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